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Escape the Ordinary….

NP Ranch is located in north central Texas in Denton County.  We are proud to offer registered Katahdin sheep raised here on our ranch. 

Why NP Ranch?

What sets our family ranch apart is a relentless commitment to quality that makes us the right choice when you want exceptional livestock.  We care about our animals and it shows in the way we raise them.  We have carefully selected from some of the finest lineages to bring you animals that we are proud to have raised and even prouder to pass on to great owners who appreciate quality breeding as much as we do. 

Whether you are a family interested in natural living,  love the delicious taste of lamb,  or a fellow farmer looking to improve their flock, you can turn to us when you want great sheep. 

All our sheep are registered or registrable with Katahdin Hair Sheep International. Inc., and all will be enrolled in the National Sheep Improvement Program (NSIP). 

NSIP – All types of flocks have a foundation of genetic information upon which to build a superior and more consistent product to their customers, whether this be a feeder, packer or consumer. Using a process similar to that used by nearly all other livestock species to aid in genetic selection, NSIP develops Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) which sheep producers can use to select animals for important traits, including productivity, quality and flock health. All our sheep have NSIP data entered and EBVs available.

GENOMIC ENHANCED EBVs – The Katahdin breed is on the forefront in the United States for genomic enhanced EBVs (GEBVs). Genomics uses an animal’s DNA to achieve the most accurate EBVs possible.  This tool will allow more accurate selection of breeding stock.  We have DNA tested our sheep and submitted data for GEBVs.

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