Katahdin sheep are an excellent choice for several reasons…..

Superior Lamb Crops

Katahdins have very strong mothering abilities, plenty of milk, few lambing problems, and normally give birth to twins or triplets without difficulty.  Research shows they are prolific, mature early and have long productive lives.  Katahdin ewes can lamb outside the traditional period and can provide lambs for year-round marketing. Rams are aggressive breeders, generally fertile year round and can settle a large number of ewes in the first cycle of exposure.

Parasite Resistant

Katahdin’s have above average resistance to internal parasites compare to other breeds of sheep.  Mature Katahdins rarely require deworming. 

No Sheaing

Katahdins are hair sheep that naturally shed their winter coat so no shearing or tail docking is required. 


Katahdins are an early maturing, medium framed, well-muscled sheep with fast growing lambs that adapt well to a range of climatic extremes and management styles. 

Meat Quality

Katahdin meat is naturally mild, lean, nutritious, and in high demand.  

Low Maintenance

Katahdin sheep are low-maintenance and commingle well with cattle, allowing for increased profitability for ranchers. Katahdins are docile and easy to handle with good flocking instincts.

For more information about Katahdin sheep visit the Katahdin Hair Sheep International (KHSI) website https://www.katahdins.org

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