Our History

NP Ranch is located in North Texas.  We were both raised in the city and had wonderful careers as psychologists.  Dreaming of retirement, we bought some land and wanted to raise livestock.  It was not until we bought a lamb one day (on a whim) that we fell in love with raising sheep.  Since then, we learned about hair sheep and more specifically Katahdins.  This has changed our lives and we have a new love for sheep. 

We chose the Katahdin breed because of their great lamb vigor, mothering ability, parasite resistance, no shear, and wonderfully light flavored meat quality.  A perfect fit for our ranch and our goals as a breeding stock and meat producer.  We value humane and quality treatment of our animals.  We participate in the National Sheep Improvement Program which allows us to use estimated breeding values (EBV’s) to objectively  select for important performance traits such as growth, birthing ease, and parasite resistance.  We keep health and production records on all our sheep. 

Whether you are looking to improve your flock with a top quality ram, replacement ewes, or lamb for your table, give us a shout.

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